Sonia Nardocci

Master  •  Italian Painter


Sonia Nardocci was born in Rome on 3 December 1964 where she currently lives and works. As a teenager she dedicated herself to painting with great passion and dedication. In addition to painting on canvas, she dedicates herself to applied arts, interior decoration and porcelain painting. Mastery of the different techniques in fact allows her to express at best the body and the materiality of the portrait subject, passing naturally from delicate flowers to intense faces. She has studied the history of art with great fervor and the philosophy of the great artist, and her aspiration is to be able to get inspiration from them and to attain maturity in order to reach the artistic ability to alleviate the craving for the search for knowledge.
She has successfully participated in numerous exhibitions and galleries, highlighting the sensitivity that distinguishes and transpires from her work.

Tell about me

The inspiration and the use of colors make Sonia Nardocci a painter very appreciated and at the same time much discussed, that imposes herself as an artist by virtue of its instinctive qualities. Seduced by the show of the nature, she portrays freely and with great sensitivity what she meets, generating creative enthusiasm and a depth view that communicate intensely with the public. Her taste is looking at detail and accurate execution. Despite this, her technique is free from formalisms. The contours of her works are agile, the chromatic texture rich and without rigidity, her brush stroke is full-bodied and at the same time aerial. This allows her to reach a plurality of subjects that share the deep research work that allows it to permeate the thin layer that separates the subject portrayed by feeling that invades who wants to communicate without inhibitions.


Immagine Colore

[...] L’arte figurativa di Sonia Nardocci è sicuramente più legata all’aspetto rappresentativo che simbolico. Una straordinaria scenografia naturale fatta di larghi respiri, di spazi, trasporta l’interlocutore in mondi e situazioni lontane che catturano nostre capacità d’osservazione.

Loredana Trestin, 2011

Premio Enogea

[...] per aver rappresentato il legame dell'uomo con il paesaggio attraverso lo scorrere del tempo e per aver colto la sovratemporalità ti un lavoro millenario, quale quello della coltivazione della vite [...]

Critico d'arte Rino Cardone, Professor Romeo D'Emilio, Storico d'arte Fiorella Fiore, Designer Daniele Bracuto, Artista Gaetano di Matteo, Produttore vinicolo Gerardo Giuratrabocchetti


IPAT - International Event in Miami - 2018

August from 13 to 18, Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Miami airport & Convention center. Miami, Florida, EUA

The exhibition will display in exclusive the new artwork.

Trovar cose non vedute - 2012

November 9, Largo Monreale, Rome, ITALY

Personal gallery of painting.